The Benefits of Caffeine Shampoo


Alpecin caffeine shampoo

Your hair is a large part of your self-perception and others’ perception of you. Therefore, whether you know it or not, your hair is a huge part of how you think and feel about yourself and how you present yourself to the world. Sadly, thousands of people all over the world can’t rely on their hair to give them any sense of satisfaction. Genetics dictates, it seems, that over 50 percent of men over the age of 50 suffer from hair loss. Hair loss and male pattern baldness has been a constant issue for as long as can be remembered, and until recently, there have been few solutions to help those suffering from it. Though surgery is now an option, it is expensive and extreme, and not appropriate for everyone. There are dozens of products out there as well that will claim to re-grow hair or to prevent the loss of it, but they have been mostly hype and do little more than produce a placebo effect. Newly available on the market now is the latest healthy, simple and cheap solution to the age old problem of hair loss in males and females alike: caffeine shampoo. Surprised? Studies have shown that Alpecin caffeine shampoo has not only been able to strengthen the hair follicles, but to also increase the lifetime of a strand by almost 50 percent and in certain cases to actually stimulate the re-growth of hair already lost.

The Benefits of Caffeine Shampoo

Androgenic alopecia is the scientific terminology for male pattern baldness. It occurs in both women and men and is the largest causal factor of human hair loss and thinning. Predominantly occurring in men, it usually starts thinning around the temples and the top of the head. Sound familiar? In some cases, this turns into complete baldness given enough time. It appears slightly differently in women, not so much as a pattern but in the thinning and loss of hair evenly all over the head. This will rarely lead to full baldness in women and is called female pattern baldness, but is also found to occur in men. Androgenic alopecia is thought to be caused by several factors, both genetic and environmental. It is strongly tied to androgens in men. Androgens are hormones that are necessary for the sexual development of males in the womb and during puberty. They also affect hair growth in women. Specifically, the androgen in question here is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), commonly termed simply “testosterone.” This also explains why hereditary baldness is most prominent in men and not women. Androgenic alopecia happens when the hair follicle is sensitive to DHT. This is genetic. It causes the follicles to shrink and greatly shortens the life of the strand and follicle itself. Oddly enough, although these hormones are responsible for the growth of hair all over the body, the only place that seems to be afflicted with hair loss is the head. This is precisely why choosing the right shampoo is essential to fight the loss of hair.

Caffeine Shampoo Studies

Recent studies in Germany conducted on men entering the beginning phases of male pattern baldness, on caffeine for hair loss, have shown that caffeine helps regulate the testosterone levels in the body and in doing so drastically improves the performance of the follicles on the head. In laboratories, samples of hair were recorded to have increases of length and lifespan by as much as 40 to 50 percent. If you are concerned about your hair growth, consider using the resulting Alpecin caffeine shampoo. It has a patented formula which allows for transportation of the caffeine directly to the roots of the hair as the caffeine shampoo is massaged into the scalp. The caffeine will get absorbed into the follicle and shield the root of the hair, the portion responsible for the development of each strand, from the testosterone in the body. It also energizes the root to help it perform. This has the same effect on the root of your hair as a cup of coffee would have on you in the morning, interestingly enough though, studies have proven that the oral intake of caffeine will adversely affect the testosterone levels in the body and actually promote the loss of hair. The caffeine shampoo also leaves softeners out of the formula, helping hair regain strength, vitality and resilience and make it easier to style. In scientific studies, the effects of this formula have been noticed after only 2 minutes of contact with the hair. The formula penetrates the hair and is retained even when the caffeine shampoo is washed out of the hair, and can be detected in the hair for up to 24 hours after. Not only does the caffeine infiltrate the strand of hair itself however, when left on for extended periods of time as the instructions on the product suggest, the caffeine will also seep in through the scalp and help support the overall ability of the scalp and follicles to produce hair and retain it for longer as the caffeine is then flooding the entirety of the scalp and roots.

If you are a man or woman struggling with the loss of your hair, have tried everything and don’t know where else to look, caffeine shampoo is the newest thing on the market that can provide hair benefits and proven results. Shampooing your hair is a part of your everyday routine and a simple switch to the proper product can have you seeing more hair on your head in no time and at little effort to you. There is no cure for male pattern baldness and one out of every two men will experience its effects in their lifetime. Since there is no cure, the only option left is treatment. A daily hair washing routine that is built around caffeine shampoo is the treatment that can prevent early hair loss and slow the process.

Caffeine Shampoo List

Looking for caffeine shampoo brands? You’ve come to the right place. Below we have listed a few of the most popular shampoos that contain caffeine.

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